Наказывает ли Бог ?

Did you ever make excuses for things that have nothing to do with you? Well, almost nothing. If so, you can understand my feelings when talking at the bus stop with a girl the matter of faith, God and spirituality, I had to hear from her just a barrage of accusations against God.

"No, It can't be! Well, maybe He is somewhere, but I don't want him touching my life! Just let me live in peace, enough is enough. Well, as you can call It loving! After all, I didn't do anything bad, everybody tried to help, to show kindness. And the answer – only trouble! Why is God punishing me!?" And she began pointing out the numerous troubles in life, including care of her husband and problems with their parents.

Well what can I say? I called for help all of their small at that time (and this was ten years ago) knowledge of the laws of God, that you were trying to say that in the world to come everything will be rewarded on merit, that God still loves, still something... All to no avail. Of course, now I would have behaved differently, but then that moment stayed in my mind and forced me to think hard. It happens? God is really punishing? I had no doubt that God knows what he's doing, but still...

Doing pastoral work, inevitably face the questions coming people about why a particular event happens in their life. And if someone comes to the pastor, in 95 percent of cases – this is not a conversation about joyful events, and about the different problems in the life of faith and even just life. How to take a particular situation? How to understand why it originated? Did I make something that God is now punishing me? Why? Many questions POPs up as soon as a believer, I emphasize, that the believer, there is some problem. Just because the unbeliever takes it as a given – well, it happened, so the circumstances. Can someone believe in fate, in predestination, but still more worried about the implications of the situation. Another thing – believers. Because we believe that there is a God, to Whom we entrust their lives Who loves us, we believe that He is with us that we are saved. And so when something happens, people of faith concerned not only the consequences of the situation, but rather its cause – so I must have done something wrong? God with me anymore? Or I was angry? He looked at me now in a rage? God is punishing me?

The Holy fathers, of course, to answer such questions, and they may not arise for those for whom the Philokalia – table book. The majority arise.

Where do you start? How to approach this issue? As told Kozma Prutkov, "behold the root". I.e. in the beginning of everything. All we have now, had its beginning. It was there, in the beginning of human history, in the garden of Eden was made the fall and the first people, disobeyed God, they began to live their own understanding. And the right to own. The Prince of this world and the God of this age had the opportunity to influence a person through his sins, and since then we remain as if with a divided soul – and a kind of good and kind want to be, and at the same time, evil is obviously ingrained in our nature. Strong in us is our "old man".

Since the beginning of time the soul of each of us being a real struggle. Remember Job? Just imagine that the same dispute God and Satan are behind you, now, in this moment. And it is apparent that both God and Satan can arouse in us various feelings, emotions, intentions, to arrange the circumstances of our life, as, for example, tells of Paul "And so we, I Paul, once and again wanted to come to you but Satan hindered us" (1Фесс.2:18). And God and Satan find a piece of nature in our soul. So the Apostle Peter warns us to "be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour" (1 pet.5:8).

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